Meeting Highlights:

  • Top speakers from the world’s five large investment banks!
  • Seven years of success with over 2,500 person times of participation!
  • A multi-directional and interactive communication platform!
  • Annual event from SMM and Shanghai Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, collecting voices from all industry sectors with closely tracked prices!

Market Focus

  • Against the backdrop of persistent European debt crisis and unpredictable US economic prospects, will global copper markets be greatly dampened in 2012? 
  • As 58 countries including China, the US, Russia and France will face political transitions in 2012, how will these affect global economy policies? Will China’s economy and monetary policy be maintained stable?
    What’s the status for global copper concentrate, and what’s its future supply trend?
  • How will the policy on scrap metals impact China’s scrap copper supply? When will the inverted price relationship between scrap and refined copper revert to normal?
  • How can Chinese copper processors move out of capital difficulties and enhance their competitiveness?    
  • How will the power planning during the 12th Five-Year Plan period help drive up copper consumption?
  • What’s household appliances industry future trend after the abolishment of supportive policy?
  • What changes will the final consumption field of copper experience?

Keynote Speaker

    Albert Helmig
    Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange
    img Ba Shusong
    Vice President
    Financial Research Institute of Development Research Center of the State Council
    img Chen Hehui
    General Traffic Manager
    Jiangxi Copper Co., Ltd.
    Chen Peng
    Scrap Copper Analyst
    SMM Information & Technology Co., Ltd.
    img Ding Wenhui
    Senior Director
    Nonferrous Metal Department of Shanghai Futures Exchange
    img Gayle Barry
    Director,Commodities Research
    Barclays Capital
    img James Luke
    Commodities Analyst
    Judy Zhu
    Commodity Analyst
    Standard Chartered Bank
    Kong Qingying
    Managing Director,Research Department China nternational Capital CorporationLimited
    Lawrence Leong
    Associate Director,Metals ProductsNonferrous Metal Department of Chicago Mercantile Exchange
    img Liu Long
    Deputy General Manger
    Far East Holding Group-Cable Industry
    Mao Yiwei
    General Manger
    Copper Department of Jiangxi Copper International Trading Co., Ltd.
    img Max Layton
    Executive Director,Senior Metals Research Analyst
    Goldman Sachs (London) UK
    img Paul Schulte
    Independent Financial Advisor

    img Sheng Weimin
    Vice President
    Research Institute of Haitong Futures Co., Ltd
    Simon Hunt
    Simon Hunt Strategic Services
    img Su Aik Lim
    Fitch Ratings
    Wang Ming
    Deputy President
    Hailiang Group
    Mei Zhang
    Information Center of Ministry of Land and Resources
    Zhu Wenjun
    Copper Industry Analyst
    SMM Information & Technology Co., Ltd.

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